Digital is Human

We want to improve people's lives through technology, providing creative solutions to nowadays problems and anticipating future challenges. In the face of the new normal, an Accelerated Digital Transformation focused on meeting human needs is more necessary than ever.

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Avalon is an independent technology firm with an international focus

At Avalon, we provide our clients with the best human teams to continue the Digital Transformation of their organizations, services, and processes.

We focus on Digital Transformation for International Organizations, Public Administration, and IBEX-35 companies, offering specialized services for each sector.

Having a thorough grasp of our customers' operations enables us to develop future value together and so strategically manage their businesses from our core services.

We are bound together by a strong set of values, the same ones that have grown mankind and inspired us to do our best.

We are a firm committed to diversity and creating a positive social impact through our work and the way we run our firm.

We have always sought to be an independent and autonomous organization that is not conditioned by other entities so that we can make our own decisions based on our vision and values with total freedom.

Our professionals are at the core of our business strategy. We believe that giving our teams quality of life generates quality results for our customers.

We are uncomfortable remaining in our comfort zone, we are constantly searching for new opportunities while upholding the high standards of efficient management.

  • 50mm

    Invoicing in 2021

    80 million by 2025

  • 1120


    1500 professionals by 2025

  • 98%

    Returning customers

    We build
    long-term relationships

Digital is Human

Accelerated Digital Transformation

Now is the time to make bold decisions and invest in technology. Going digital is not an option, it is essential for survival.

The world has changed forever and organizations are facing accelerated globalization. Companies need to adapt as soon as possible and reinvent their strategies, their work procedures, and the way they interact, as this will mark their competitiveness and service delivery capacity. These are the trends that will mark the coming years:

  • More demanding customers: 69% of European adults would like more companies to be transparent and increasingly expect organizations to use their platforms to contribute positively to society.
  • Accelerating AI adoption: European companies will invest €3.3 billion in process automation to boost productivity and will be implemented in traditionally low-paying sectors such as retail and hospitality.
  • Sustainable by default: The EU has adopted new measures such as a proposal to make corporate sustainability reporting standardized and mandatory for more companies. Companies that have only adopted sustainability in their communications will find it difficult to adapt.
  • Increase in the number of cyberattacks: Every 11 seconds a ransomware attack occurs. Extortion demands have increased by 300% in 2021 alone. Emboldened by past successes, the bad actors will continue their assaults. This will require organizations to strengthen the security of their information systems.

We can help you meet the challenge of digitization as we have already done for our customers

  • Santander
  • Iberdrola
  • Gobierno de Navarra
  • Isdefe
  • United Nations
  • Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Finance

Accelerated Digital Transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world forever. Digital Transformation is an urgent need for companies that want to survive. 45% of investments have been redirected to IT infrastructures, especially to the cloud during 2021.

José María Martínez-Amutio, Executive President — Avalon

Certifications and assessments

  • ISO-9001
  • ISO-14001
  • ISO-27001
  • ISO-20000
  • IQ-Net
  • CMMI-DEV-5
  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Ecological transition

Social Responsibility and Corporate Policies