The banking sector is currently undergoing an innovation process that involves a profound transformation of banking activity. Every transformation needs an innovative methodology to be able to change not only what is being done, but also how it is done.

Banks are prioritizing the creation of secure platforms and ecosystems

The development of new technologies that allow massive data analysis such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and Blockchain decentralized registration, lead to a new banking technology that has more and more applications in daily operations.

Its implementation, adoption, and use has expanded the supply and demand for banking services.

Large investments are being made for the development and optimization of online channels, offering digital products that are rapidly changing the relationship of the banking sector with its increasingly digitized customers.

Technology investment and growth rate are directly related. The banks that invest most in technology are also showing the highest growth rate.


The most significant change banking has undergone is based on the relationship and bargaining power with the customer. We don't just look for the customer, we fight for them. As customers expect to be able to manage everything online, the complete digitalization of all service processes is a must.

Jesús López-Tormos, Corporate Software Director

Providing an excellent client experience through digital banking is critical

Innovation and technology will enhance the customer experience, optimize risk management, streamline tasks and communicate more effectively.

Customer experience is critical. One-click payments, easy and simple access to accounts, and immediate and accessible information on all devices. And to do so safely.

A bank's reputation that has been built up over the years is no guarantee of customer loyalty and can be ruined in seconds by a small glitch, such as a mobile application problem caused by poor design. Customer experience design in the banking sector is a user-centric process of creating a service or product with the objective of delighting customers at every touch point and creating a strong emotional connection with the brand.

Cybersecurity and process automation will be critical

Cybersecurity is another key challenge of technological transformation. The proliferation of digital devices and cloud services increases the risk of serious incidents that severely impair the operation of banks.

The risk of cyber-attacks is now the biggest concern of the banking and capital markets industry's top executives, overtaking over-regulation, which in recent years had been the main threat.

Another important area for improvement is the automation of processes, such as validation and auditing, as a necessary step for banks to increase their effectiveness and efficiency.

This automation is key to obtain the reports required by international standards and also for the parameterization of the models, analysis and exploitation of the results to anticipate deterioration.

Digital is Human

Avalon Banking

We have a deep functional knowledge of banking systems and regulatory legislations resulting from more than 12 years of international experience in the sector.

We collaborate with our customers in an agile and flexible way in the improvement of their processes, providing solid functional knowledge in the various banking systems thanks to our experience in multiple projects and countries in the Technology Sector:

  • Investment
  • Private Banking
  • Shareholders' Meeting
  • Risks
  • Consumer Finance
  • Accounting control & CRM
  • Policy and regulatory
  • Domestic and international payments
  • Factoring & Confirming
  • Money laundering

We have qualified professionals in banking technology, adapted to the transformation model: Big Data, DevOps, BPM…

Teams with extensive experience and qualifications, which allow us to provide added value to the needs and demands of our clients:

  • Customer-tailored solutions by using the most appropriate tools and with the highest quality such as ISO 27001, ISO 20000, and CMMI Level 5 standards.
  • Decision-making agility, which is critical for company management in situations of high unpredictability and innovation, is made possible by the use of agile methodologies.
  • Adaptability to our customer's specific requirements and methodologies.
  • We look at the entire life cycle of the software.
  • Extensive experience in projects that require great technological interdisciplinarity.
  • Closed Project, Professional Services, and Software Factory modalities.

Some of our clients in the Banking Sector

  • Santander
  • BBVA
  • Openbank

We are satisfied with the service, the excellent communication, and the readiness to assist us. Avalon adapts in an agile and appropriate way to our way of working.

Santander, Technology Division