The defense industry plays an important role in the digitization process for the national economy as it has a marked technological character based on a large investment in R&D&I in addition to creating high-skilled jobs.

A sector generating added value for society

We are experiencing a new era of industry, Industry 4.0, which involves the digitization of the sector to achieve greater efficiency in its manufacturing processes. The aim is for the country's companies to gradually go through this transition in order to achieve and provide an internationally competitive industry.

In this sense, the defense industry plays an important role in the digitization process of the national economy, since it has a strong technological character based on a large investment in R&D&I, in addition to creating highly qualified jobs.

There is no doubt that the Defence sector represents not only the security of a country but also represents a great added value for society by constituting a great economic engine.

Special armament programs, spending on personnel, conservation, and investment, inject into the Spanish economy 2% of its GDP.


An early digitalization in the defense sector is essential to place our country at the international forefront, since 80% of the turnover is international, with Spain occupying the seventh position in defense exports worldwide.

Alberto Aguado Gómez, Director of Strategy and Commercial

The defense sector is at the forefront of the development of new technologies

These technologies not only have applications in the defense field but also in civilian fields such as telecommunications or the aviation sector.

The Defense Technology and Innovation Strategy (ETID) is an initiative derived from the R&D& I policy of the Ministry of Defense to provide technical guidance and promote coordination between the different actors, both internal and external to the Department, involved in the development of technology linked to the current and future needs of the Armed Forces.

In particular, these actions have an impact on the optimal use of the set of instruments available to the Department — associated with the development of technologies, cooperation and coordination in R&D&I, and technological knowledge — and on the balanced participation of the actors involved — large companies, SMEs, Universities, etc —, as a means to advance in the direction set by the Technological Goals.

Special attention is given to new initiatives promoted by the European Union linked to dual technologies or specifically aimed at defense, due to the significant benefits that can be derived from them.

Digital is Human

Avalon Defense

More than 7 years counting on the trust the Ministry of Defense has put in us to guarantee the security of critical information systems for national security.

Since 2015, AVALON has been participating in various projects of the Ministry of Defense:

  • National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA).
  • General Directorate of Armament and Material (DGAM).
  • Military Emergency Unit (UME).
  • Special Armament Programs (SAPs).
  • General Subdirectorate of Planning, Technology, and Innovation.
  • Military Information System (SIM).
  • Operation of signal intelligence and electronic warfare sensor systems.
  • Network security and cybersecurity services.

We continue to participate in information and communications systems and technologies and security projects to ensure the regularization, homologation, and standardization of these systems and their full interoperability.

All of this takes place within the context of the Integrated Defense Information Infrastructure and the national and international treaties to which Spain is a party and which impact these systems.

Some of our clients in the Defense Sector

  • Military Emergency Unit
  • Incibe

Avalon's professional team has great skills and especially a very positive attitude to face all the challenges of the project, performing high-quality work.

ISDEFE, Information Systems Department